Once Upon a Time: Fun with Fairy Tales

One day, she met a great wizard who needed her help. She gave him a [...]

Team-Building Activities for Middle School

The Importance of Team-Building for Students Collaboration and cooperation are the key components of teamwork. [...]

Improving Online Breakout Room By Collaborative Documents

During a recent online class, a student posted in the chat, “We should use breakout [...]

The Last Class Session: How to Make It Count

“First and last class sessions are the bookends that hold a course together.” I heard [...]

Practical Tips for Cultivating a Learning Relationship with Students

Take a moment right now to ask yourself who your best teachers were growing up. [...]

Improve Reading Comprehension for Intermediate ESL

Regardless of the material (news articles, fictional stories, blog posts, etc.), ESL reading comprehension can [...]

Time to Tune In: 7 Simple Ways to Use Music in Your ESL Classroom

7 Simple Ways to Use Music in Your ESL Classroom Test Ambiance Did you know [...]


Teaching at primary level can cause many teachers, particularly those who have trained to teach [...]


Classroom games are an essential part of the ESL classroom. You can engage students by [...]

How to maximise the language learning of senior learners

There are many benefits of studying for older learners, such as increased self-confidence, increased feelings [...]

Stop Giving Them Answers: Make Them Think!

Higher education has recently changed in faster and more dynamic ways than anticipated. COVID-19 is [...]

How To Use Printable Flashcards For Teaching ESL

Flashcards can be an excellent learning and teaching tool especially when introducing new vocabulary or [...]

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