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120 hours TESOL Diploma course is built according to the international standards and practical experiences on English education  in Vietnam. The teaching staffs include lecturers, Heads of Departments and the Academic Directors of prestigious domestic and international universities and English Centers.


TESOL Dual Diploma is the most special TESOL program only in Horizon TESOL. Not only does the course provide in-depth knowledge of effective English teaching method, but also helps learners save time and cost for getting 2 TESOL Diploma accepted in Vietnam and around the world at a time.


The online TEC – Teaching English to Children Diploma program, approximately 120 hours of study, is designed for motivated international students and Canadians who want to receive training and become certified to teach English to children abroad in non-English speaking countries.




Horizon TESOL is an official representative of Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association." The TESOL program at Horizon has accompanied and inspired hundreds of young people, turning their passions and strengths into income as well as improving the quality of teaching and learning English in HCMC. In addition, Horizon's TESOL courses are academically supported by the prestigious Board of Teachers of TESOL – HCMC, offering students practical knowledge and skills that can be applied to the reality of teaching in Vietnam. Students who have finished our course will be welcomed to become members of TESOL - HCMC and enjoy a long-term professional support. Hopefully, young people with career orientation to English teaching will choose the right path to set foot on and become successive generations of enthusiastic and excellent teachers.

DR. Doan Hue Dung

Chairman of HCMC TESOL Assosiation

The best TESOL program in Ho Chi Minh City is at Horizon because it fully equips students with both theoretical and practical knowledge." I guarantee that after this course, students will have a lot of career opportunities to put knowledge gained into practice and become successful teachers in the future.

Dr.Jonathan Stoke

Member of Science Council, Wellspring International Bilingual School; Former Principal of School of Kensington, California

Working with Horizon TESOL is such a great experience for me. Professional staff here never fail to impress learners and guests with their helpfulness and enthusiasm. I strongly recommend Horizon TESOL to those who have good English and want to be an English teacher in the future but have no formal training in this field. Visit Horizon TESOL and make your dream come true!

MA. Truong Thuy Duong

English Lecturer at University of Pedagogy

The best TESOL course ever !!! I feel really lucky having a chance to study at Horizon TESOL. In here, I not only can enhance my knowledge about teaching theory by extremely enthusiastic teachers, but I also can cultivate the professional pedagogic skills needed for my future. After the course, I become a totally different person, I'm more responsible for my job, I feel more respected in my teaching career. Thanks to our professional teachers, I gained a deeper understanding of the passion, how hard work teachers have to do to provide useful lectures for their students. What I have learned at Horizon TESOL are the source of inspiration for me to pursue the teaching career in the future.

Huynh Khanh Linh

TESOL 5th Course, 2017

With the desire of being a professional teacher, I have decided to learn the TESOL Diploma. However, it is arduous to choose a centre which trains the prestigious certificate. After finding out the TESOL program at many centres, I have chosen Horizon TESOL thanks to the enthusiastic consultants. It has met all my teaching demands. I have learned much experience of teaching from the teachers. After completing the TESOL course, I have been more confident in becoming a good teacher later. Wish the centre have more development and become a reliable address for the future teachers.

Tran Thuy Ngan

TESOL 5th Course, 2017


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