How to Make Homework Fun

Homework was fun when you were a 6 year old trying to act like an older sibling. You couldn’t wait for homework. In fact, you would make up assignments just to keep yourself busy. Once children hit 8 or 9, however, the excitement begins to diminish. The whole idea of homework is to reinforce learned material during school hours. Unfortunately, if the homework is not being completed, it has no benefit. To ensure completed homework, it is necessary to incorporate a bit of fun. There are a few fun ways to make homework enjoyable.


Competition Makes Homework Fun

There is nothing like a little competition to brighten up the mood. Homework and competition can go hand in hand in many different ways. If there are siblings, see who can complete their homework with the most correct answers or in the quickest time. When using the quickest time, make sure quality is upheld. If there are no other students, have your child compete with himself. If he received a 95% on the last homework assignment, make it a competition to beat that score. Parents can get involved as well. Make a photocopy of any worksheets that need completed. See who can answer the most questions correctly: the student or the parent. Children love beating their parents at any competition.

Incentives for Homework Completion

Making it fun to complete homework is the goal. If your child knows he/she can watch a favorite television program, play a video game, or eat an ice cream treat after homework is completed, delaying of that work will be limited. Sometimes it is simply impossible to make the actual homework aspect fun. When this is the case, make the time after homework enjoyable. Don’t think of incentives as bribes. Think of incentives as goals.

have fun with homework

Create Pleasing Homework Workspace

Children have more fun doing homework worksheets when they can pick out their own supplies. Take your son or daughter shopping for fun pencils, pens, note pads, and folders. Then, set up their room to create a nice workspace. They can hang posters of their liking. Some may even have their own desk. Homework time is much more desirable when the workspace is pleasing.

Do Homework to Music

Music stimulates the mind. Play soft music while your child is completing homework assignments. Let your child choose the music.The best types of music tend to be the tunes without lyrics. As long as it doesn’t appear to distract him/her, the atmosphere will be more conducive for fun. Sometimes children just need a break from school. If there is one thing school doesn’t have, it is music during class.


Homework doesn’t always have to be dull and boring. In fact, the more engaged and interested you are, the more your brain will connect to the material. Having fun doing homework should be a requirement. The four tips mentioned are not the only ways to have fun completing school assignments. There are many ways in which parents, students, and teachers can incorporate fun into an otherwise dull homework project.

Briefsource: ESL Article