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“Your English – Your Great Jobs”: Conquer English with the Internet-popular teacher.

“Your English – Your Great Jobs”: Conquer English with the Internet-popular teacher.

“Your English – Your Great Jobs”: Conquer English with the Internet-popular teacher.

On the morning of 20 October, “Your English – Your Great Jobs” talkshow, in which plenty of information about English utilisation experience in work and study was exchanged, took place at HCM City UEF (University of Economics and Finance). The talkshow was organised in regard to UEF’s association with Horizon TESOL, HCM City TESOL Association and Journalism Foreign Language Center – Vietnam News Agency.

 “Your English – Your Great Jobs” talkshow saw an attendance of a large number of students.

At the talkshow, UEF students had an opportunity to make additions to their knowledge and English learning skills with the help of guest speakers including PhD. Ian Morton – English programme mentor of UEF International Institute, Mr Nguyen Duy Bao Khang (Khang Nguyen) – English interpreting expert, Director of translating – interpreting training programme at Journalism Foreign Language Center (Vietnam News Agency), PhD. Dang Tuan Tien – HR and soft skills training specialist and, especially, 9x teacher Nguyen Thai Duong – founder and administrator of Speak Only English center system, who is well-known for his online English teaching videos inspired by trendy songs and literary works.

Opening up the talkshow, PhD. Dang Tuan Tien gave out his sharings to the students about ways to impress employers by CV writing skills and personal image tips on Facebook. The speaker also noted how to create email signature and, especially, shared experience on self-improvement in the period of undergraduates.

PhD. Dang Tuan Tien, HR and soft skills training specialist, shared tips on how to impress employers with the students.

Following next, PhD. Ian Morton introduced to the students effective English learning tips. In his opinion, students needed to pay attention to the 5 important skills which were teamwork, critical thinking, problem resolving, leadership and note-taking.

Mr Ian Morton stressed on practicing the 5 important English learning skills.

Having a history of making impressions by his English teaching parody videos, the 9x teacher Nguyen Thai Duong came present at UEF and inspired the students. “To do amazing things, you all should be courageous to get out of your comfort zones” was the message the teacher delivered. According to Mr Nguyen Thai Duong, similar to English learning and foreign language learning, just be confident, don’t be afraid of saying anything wrong, don’t be shy showing off yourselves in front of the crowd. That would help you practice both of your communication skills and English competence.

The popular teacher Nguyen Thai Duong advised the students against their “comfort zones”.

Moreover, at the talkshow, Mr Khang Nguyen offered his help of distinguishing between “interpret” and “translate”. The speaker, then, went on to share more about experience on English interpreting and translating, which was considerably useful for foreign language-majored students who chose to pursue the path of translating – interpreting at UEF. The overall picture about job opportunities got sketched on a more visible level. Hence, they, the students, were able to choose the path they wished to pursue in the near future with confidence.

Mr Khang Nguyen brought in the overall picture about English translating – interpreting industry.

Another highlight of the talkshow was the interactive mini game among the speakers and UEF students. Through the Q&A session, the students became more confident in English communication and received surprise gifts.

UEF students confidently communicated in English and received many surprise gifts.

Journalist Nghiem Si Dung – Director of Journalism Foreign Language Center (Vietnam News Agency) offered English-related scholarships to UEF students.

Mr Ian Morton, a representative of UEF’s International Institute, gave flowers and souvenirs to the speakers.

UEF has constantly held programmes equipping students with skills in the new school-year.


Source: https://www.uef.edu.vn/tin-tuc-su-kien/your-english-your-great-jobs-chinh-phuc-tieng-anh-cung-thay-giao-gay-sot-cong-dong-mang-5263?fbclid=IwAR0xbvKxXAKqu_fBZ0MmVrnGTF2DNK8wCW6hGA13b5UGe1NX9bobrBywavs

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