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Studying abroad – the new trend of international integration era

Studying abroad is not as rare as it was 10 years ago. Nowadays, when the economy develops, Vietnam steps in the process of global integration and the youths in the country have more opportunities to fulfill their ambitions and dreams in which they could travel to foreign countries to learn from other cultures, acquire experience and challenge themselves, even though making the study abroad application is not simple and the expense of studying abroad is expensive.

In addition to having extra money for daily life, travel and entertainment, part-time jobs also bring interesting experience for students living abroad. With good English skills and a TESOL Dual Diploma, students could start a start-up and generate high income.

English – the key to success for someone living far from their countries

Nowadays, English becomes the key to success for students studying abroad. They could communicate with foreigners, build relationship with people all over the world and learn more about other cultures. In addition, for those who are dynamic and want to earn money to cover the expensive cost of studying, part-time job is top priority.

There are lots of part-time jobs for students: writer, restaurant server, retail worker or cleaner, etc. However, instead of taking these strenuous jobs, most of the students teach English. Many of them believe that it is a perfect job for them because it helps them improve their English and become more sociable. But for oversea students, how can they prove their teaching abilities and attract students to their English classes?


TESOL – the key to the English teaching dream of students

In countries where English is not the official language, the demand for studying English is very high. Many people want to learn English to work, study, or simply learn about Western culture. Knowing the demand of citizens, some countries such as China, Korea, Japan, etc. pour significant amounts of money into foreign language learning to improve the quality of English teaching. Therefore, to teach in the big English centers in these countries, it is necessary for students to equip themselves with a TESOL Dual Diploma to prove their teaching abilities.

TESOL is indispensable to English teachers and lecturers who want to improve their professional knowledge to meet the great needs of students. If you have a TESOL diploma, you could easily land jobs at English centers and international schools or conduct private English classes in your own home with high and steady income. In addition, your curriculum vitae will be more attractive when you have TESOL Diploma.

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