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The Ho Chi Minh City Association of researching and teaching English (HCMC TESOL Association)  and HorizonTESOL are honored to be the companions and sponsors of The OpenTESOL 2021.

The conference hosted on May, 21st  by the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City took place successfully with the participation of many experts in the field of TESOL in the region and the world with the theme: Language Education in Challenging Times: Designing Digital Transformations”. Facilitated through the online platform, the seminar brought a new breeze to the community and attracted a large number of participants and contributions of more than 50 presentations with rich, practical content and high academic value. The focus that the conference emphasized this year can be mentioned as: Covid-19 Response,21st Century Skills, Learner Strategies, Interaction Online, Teaching Skills, Blended Learning, etc.

The conference featured keynote speakers who are prestigious scholars in the field of TESOL in the national and international scale, such as:

Professor Yilin Sun, Seattle College, Seattle, WA, USA; Associate Professor Andy Gao, University of New South Wales, Australia; Ms. Nicky Hockly, The Consultants-E Foundation, UK; Ms. Tran Thi Thuy, Duc Hop High School, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam; Ms. Dinh Nguyen Thien, University of Economics and Finance Ho Chi Minh City (UEF), Vietnam.

In the context that the COVID-19 pandemic has been bringing many challenges to all fields:

From the Economy to Society in general and Education in particular, the development of technology has played a significant part in improving new approaches of teaching and learning. English teachers in the 4.0 era are pioneers in applying those technologies to bring innovative and effective teaching methods.

HorizonTESOL also supports two contests for the TESOL community

Tiny Teach Stories and Classroom Support Awards are two contests with valuable scholarships awarded. These scholarships will be a great encouragement for the winners to contribute their ideas for the overall development of the proactive community of researchers and teachers in the field of TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Classroom Support AwardsTeachers in Vietnam’s public schools are invited to give a short description of a reading corner or a classroom wall, as well as the need for support at their school, for the Classroom Support Awards. One or two original images taken by the participant should be included in the description. 
  • Tiny Teach Stories OpenTESOL 2021, inspired by Tiny Love Stories (The New York Times), invites junior and senior students, postgraduates, and recent graduates from all fields to compete in the Tiny Teach Stories: TESOL Awards 2021 competition.
    Participants will narrate/describe a memorable/critical classroom experience in their English classroom or any learning situation in a short story of no more than 100 words. An original photo, picture, or sketch generated by the participant should be included in the article.

The above competitions drew a large number of entries with high-quality content, and the winners of the awards, which are the finest entries chosen by a panel of sponsors’ experts, were announced. HorizonTESOL has granted three scholarships for the top three entries, which will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for the finalists in the near future.

Written by Huy Pham