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Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a place offering TESOL courses in Vietnam. However, choosing the place that suits your needs so that after completing the course, students can confidently build dynamic lectures and manage professional classrooms; students need to pay attention to the TESOL course’s curriculum, whether the instructor creates opportunities for students to practice and apply knowledge gained in the classroom.

Understanding the importance of practice, the instructors at Horizon TESOL  always strive to create the atmosphere that makes students feel comfortable with the mindset of “active learning”. Students have the opportunities to express their personal opinions and synthesize their knowledge in a way that is understandable and interesting. Even though during the study hours, the theory seems to be dry, students still have the opportunities to practice and try their hands at lecturing. Here are some of the TESOL students’ experiences in the Horizon TESOL Center after completing Module 1 “ the Fundamentals of Language Teaching”.

“My feeling after the first module:

–       Interested/ engaged in the class activities

–       Find the course is helpful and practicable

–       Gain more motivation “

TESOL student at Horizon TESOL, Lê Vũ Kiều Trâm shared.

“I don’t mention what you teach me but I really really love the way you express, you show, you explain,… I learn from this a lot and a lot”, said Nguyễn Thị Thục Quyên.

“After attending the two-day course of module 1, I realize that some theories could be applied deductively, I found myself need to employ and apply these. Additionally, those methods should be taken into my lesson plan in the future although they are hard to master”, said Phạm Thị Anh Thư.

“After taking the 1st module of TESOL, I think that this is really a useful course. I used to think that “teacher” is an easy job. However, this is actually an interesting job. I had a chance to learn from an experienced teacher, who gives us a lot of helpful advice and instructions. Finally, I want to say thank you a lot to Ms Ngan, who helped me realize that how interesting teaching is, and inspired me to try to be a good English teacher”, said Trần Ngọc Kim Ngân.

If you are looking for a TESOL course, a place that you can not only gain the professional knowledge but also get into practicing and receive the feedback from experienced instructors; Horizon TESOL is your choice. Please contact us at (028) 6681 6860 or 012 886 886 86 to consult and choose the course that suits you best!

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