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Nowadays, ones who are good at English just need to equip themselves with a TESOL certificate to have the opportunity of turning English into an income.

However, it should be noted that the TESOL certificate must be recognized by the competent authorities in Vietnam and ones who have the intention to teach English abroad may have noticed that an internationally recognized TESOL certificate is a necessary tool to turn their teaching dreams into reality.

Moreover, with a TESOL certificate of international value in hand, you can teach English in any country you like, seeking income from teaching as well as exploring cultures and people abroad at the same time.


TESOL Dual Diploma – a unique combined course

Advanced College of Languages and Training Canada (ATC), which is a leading professional language and training school in Canada, is a member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language – one of the world’s leading for English Teacher). With the Canada-based headquarters and other offices in Korea and Brazil, ATC Canada brings about best qualified TESOL certificate.

ATC is a place where cooperative relationships with many international organizations in promoting education around the world are established. Thousands of graduates of ATC’s TESOL International course are now confident to become professional English instructors in all countries and are partly contributing to raising English teaching to a new level.

In Vietnam, Horizon TESOL is proud to be the sole partner of ATC Canada in the development of TESOL degree programs for English teachers as well as other specialized language courses. In particular, TESOL Dual Diploma course is a very special program between TESOL Horizon (as the organizational unit) – Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association (certificate granting organization and responsible for training quality in Vietnam) – ATC Canada (certificate granting organization and responsible for training quality worldwide). With TESOL Dual Diploma course, participants not only save money and time but also receive two valuable TESOL certificates with useful knowledge for teaching English in Vietnam as well as abroad.

“Study 1 gets 2” – Special scholarship program in May 2017


Through this scholarship program, Horizon TESOL wishes to accompany young English talents on the way to become professional teachers who can confidently enter the labor market and compete with English teachers from other countries in the region.

Accordingly, when applying for a TESOL Diploma issued by the Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association, students will receive a 100% tuition fee for the TESOL Diploma Program awarded by ATC Canada in Vietnam. This scholarship program helps students not only save time but also save money, and with just one course, get two TESOL diplomas at the same time.

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