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Giảng Viên Của Chúng Tôi

MA. Thien Ton is one of the very enthusiastic teachers with solid expertise and experience in the field of English teaching. He graduated with a major in English Translating and Interpreting and also holds a TESOL certificate issued by Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. He is also currently a graduate student of the TESOL master program of Edith Cowan University (Australia).


With a lot of experience in English teaching and academic management, Mr. Ton will definitely bring the best learning experience for his ESL students and also, TESOL course participants. He is currently collaborating with many reputable English language centers such as WASS, VUS, English Department of Foreign Affairs (CEFALT) and has worked with diverse backgrounds of students. Thanks to this, He always keeps himself updated with most teaching materials and teaching methods. 


Mr. Thien Ton is also a lecturer at Nguyen Tat Thanh University and is in charge of providing language lessons and training the undergraduates. In addition to professional work, he is also very enthusiastic about extracurricular activities such as GETGREEN VIETNAM 2014, an event that encourages the implications of social and environmental knowledge in education.

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