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Advanced TESOL 160 Hours

The online Advanced TESOL Diploma program is designed for motivated international students and Canadians who want to receive advanced training and become certified to teach English abroad in non-English speaking countries. It offers students the opportunity to study independently with 24-hour access to an online platform and assignments that they submit to their instructor once per week for marking and feedback. Most students complete the program in 9 weeks (students have the option of studying at a faster pace). It focuses on the communicative approach and covers teaching principles, methodology, classroom management, practical teaching techniques, and more. Graduates receive ATC’s internationally recognized 160-hour Advanced TESOL diploma.

This program is approved by KRIVET (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training) for CEI License level 1.

At the end of this program, you are expected to:

-Have an overview of teaching methodologies from the past to the present.

-Have a deep understanding of how to teach speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

-Be able to design detailed and dynamic ESL lesson plans suitable for various levels.

-Have advanced tools and techniques for classroom management and dealing with unexpected situations.

1. Receive Canadian training and certification to teach English abroad!
2. Study online from any city in the world with internet access and a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
3. Enjoy studying online independently with a flexible schedule convenient for busy students and professionals
4. Set your own daily study schedule and submit assignments once per week.
5. Gain practical tools to teach English with skill and confidence.

1. Unlimited 24-hour access to your program on an online Moodle-based web platform.
2. Program content in text and video format for deeper learning.
3. Personal instructor assessing your progress, marking your weekly assignments, and giving you written feedback.
4. Your diploma, transcript, and graduation letter mailed to you by international post upon graduation.
5. The digital scans of your graduate documents uploaded to ATC website’s Credential Verification portal.
6. TESOL Practicum (Optional): You can choose if you want to do a practicum or not after completing your coursework.

This program is made of 3 courses:
Course 1. Essential Teacher Knowledge: Introduces the student to various areas of ESL teacher training.
Course 2. Learning Teaching: Guides the student to go more deeply into the main areas of ESL teacher training.
Course 3. Videos: Allows the student to visually review the main areas of ESL teacher training.

Course 1: Essential Teacher Knowledge
Section A: Language
Section B: Background to Language Teaching Methodology
Section C: Teaching Language and Language Skills

Course 2: Learning Teaching
Section 1. Toolkit 1: Classroom Management
Section 2. Planning Lessons and Courses
Section 3. Speaking
Section 4. Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
Section 5. Writing Section 6. Grammar

Course 3: Videos
Video 1: Enhancing Instruction with Visuals
Video 2: Developing Listening Skills
Video 3: Developing Reading Skills
Video 4: Developing Writing Skills
Video 5: Vocabulary
Video 6: Teaching Grammar Communicatively

TESOL Practicum (Optional)
The 20-hour practicum is optional (you can choose if you want to do a practicum or not). Online students who want to do a practicum are responsible for finding their own practicum placement at a nearby school in their country. ATC Students who are working as ESL teachers under supervision in a school setting can apply to have their teaching hours counted as the equivalent to the 20-hour practicum.

Motivated international students and Canadians who want to receive advanced training and become certified to teach English abroad in non-English speaking countries.

Native speakers of English: Completion of high school.
International Students: One of the following:
1. Pass ATC’s Free Online English Test or
2. Completion of High Intermediate level of English or
3. Completion of an undergraduate degree from an English-speaking university or
4. IELTS 6.5 or
5. TOEFL iBT 80 or
6. TOEIC 750

Tuition Fee: $895 CAD
Promotion: $695 CAD (November 2021)
Can be paid in 2 equal installments:
Before Start date:$347.50 CAD
After 4 weeks: $347.50 CAD

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